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Good People. Great Teams.

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- Z Academy (Training & Development)

- Z Optimise (Business Consulting)

- Z Pasefika (Community Development)


Your People


Your People


Your Business


Your Business



Practical training solutions that deliver. 

Developed, and presented by practitioners, not theorists.

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Business Consulting and strategic partnerships.

Project Management and end-to-end procurement support to move your business forward.

+Optimise Consulting


Fully Booked for 2021

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Support and tailored consulting services for start-ups.

Think of us as G-Maps for your business direction.

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Meet the Team

Behind the name


People Mover

Solutions Architect


People Mover
Administration Specialist

Even pre-Covid - NZ businesses operating domestically and abroad were needing to adapt and evolve at lighting pace.

In a Post-Covid world - market patterns are increasingly volatile and continue to shift quickly.


Finding staffsuppliers, info-systems, and partners across your operation and supply-chain to support the flexibility & responsiveness your business needs can become overwhelming

Trying to manage this distracts you from core strategic business activities (like settling on your marketing, pricing and procurement strategies) - and taking time away from your main objective. Billing.

We help by connecting good people, with good people - and we achieve this by:

  1. Recruiting the best people.

  2. Delivering hands-on industry training and development programs to grow our people.

  3. Building a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements.

  4. Removing as many barriers for both you and our people to connect - starting with a realistic, transparent, and values-driven fees structure.

Our team has extensive experience and success in senior and leadership roles across multiple industry sectors.

We're actively involved as practitioners in those industries - perfectly positioned to understand and respond to current market trends, and provide you with key insights, feedback and strategic support services and solutions to grow your business.

Let's grow.


Senior Facilitator 

Logistics & Transport


Senior Facilitator

Hospitality & Retail

Our Academy training workshops and courses are run by practitioners - not theorists or consultants.


We've taken exceptional care to partner only with best-in-class practitioners in their fields to ensure that our content is relevant, field-tested, and able to be practically applied by your people immediately.

Our mission is making your people, our people

We achieve this by growing our people through our development and training divisions, and extending them to yours.

Zalense is the culmination of this principle:

+Academy (Developing your people)

+People (Finding your people)

+Optimise (Our People on demand)

+Pasefika (Structure your People)

We back all of our training and workshop development programmes with the Zalense Guarantee.

Let's grow.


Over the phone or online


021-076 533 8 / 021-028 971 50






If you're talented and looking for a job, contact us here:

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If you're looking for talent, contact us here:

Thanks for submitting!

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